“Using Blogging to Spread the Story” with Alex “The Lightning”

YOUTUBE description: Wanna help spread the story?  Our very own resident social networking extraordinaire, O'Captain Alex (affectionately referred to as "The Lightning" by Jesse, Kristie and "That Guy's Mom") walks us through the steps involved in creating and maintaining additional blogger sites as one way to help spread the story.  The goal is to have a bunch of Matt Maher Story Team members create and maintain individual blogger accounts by tending to "The Lightning's" 4 recommended routines: 1. create your own blogger account (use your own creativity when sprucing up your site using Matt-esque decor!) 2. routinely copying/pasting Matt's blog from the www.themattmaherstory.com website onto your newly-created blogger site 3. regularly respond to comments/feedback left on your brand new blogger site using Alex's tips and techniques ~proven to increase blog activity and followers ~essentially will help us in spreading the story! 4. continually add new followers who would be blessed by/relate to Matt's blogs. By watching this brief tutorial, you will not only climb the social twitterflies corporate ladder, you will increase your brain power, lower your cholesterol and broaden your circle of influence----all with the click of a button!   So "be still", folks----we're in Be Still & Chill Country NOW.... Take it away, LIGHTNING! (Podbean is down now till 8 am, but will embed it later when maintenance is finished)